History of Washington School Park District

The Washington Park District, located in Maywood, Illinois was created in July 1926, and the following were elected as Commissioners for the first term:

Leo W. Chulock, President and Park Commissioner
Louis Jaffie, Park Commissioner
William T. Collins, Park Commissioner
Dr. John Peters, Park Commissioner
George A. Harrison, Park Commissioner

The grounds bounded by 11th Avenue, Warren Avenue and 10th Avenue and Walnut Street was then purchased in 1927, and on November 11th, 1927, the park was dedicated in memory of the Soldiers of the Village of Maywood, who lost their lives in various wars, in the United States and abroad. The Park was named Maywood Memorial Park, and on November 11th, 1927, Col. Henry Rathbone, Congressman at Large, was the principal speaker. A table of stone was placed in the park in memory of those who gave their lives for their country. The ground located on Washington Boulevard, 10th Avenue, Walnut Street and 11th Avenue was purchased by the Washington School Park District, to be used as a park and playground.

The Washington School Park District is composed of parks and playgrounds and is a beauty spot of interest to the citizens of the Village of Maywood. Each Armistice Day, November 11th, a celebration is held by the various legions to perpetuate the memory of those who have given their lives for this country.

1st African American Elected Official
in the Old 3rd District

George A. Harrison, 429 S. 13th Avenue, Maywood, Commissioner, Washington Park District was elected in 1926. Mr. Harrison a resident of Maywood, Commissioner of Washington, and sixth year of continuous residence in the village. He was born in Niles, Michigan in May of 1859 and came to Chicago in 1875 and to Maywood in 1903. He was a wood pattern maker by trade and served in that capacity with Sears Roebuck & Co. for 19 years. Mr. Harrison was the chairman of the Second Baptist Church and President of the Community Welfare Club of Maywood.

Children’s Receiving Home

The Children’s Receiving home at 809 Madison Street was incorporated in 1919 to establish, maintain and operate, without profit, a home for the shelter, care, support and maintenance of dependent children. Miss Mina Lichtner was superintendent of the home. The home was under the direct sponsorship of the Lutheran Woman’s league of Chicago and vicinity, which was organized in 1894. With a membership of 2,500, the league met quarterly at the different Lutheran churches in the area. Principal officers of the league were Mrs. W.R. Burdsall, president; Mrs. A.O. Sorensen, secretary,
and Mrs. C.P. Derry, treasurer.

Highlights of the year’s events were the chairmen’s luncheon in February; the meeting and country fair in June; Founders Day in September; the fall sale in November, and the Christmas festival in December. The annual meeting was conducted in January.  The Lutheran Woman’s League auxiliary is a subsidiary organization working with the league and home.  Information concerning the home and the league may be obtained from Miss Lichtner, Maywood 2093.


Our Mission Statement.

The Mission of Maywood Park District is to promote the development of a comprehensive park system that provides recreational opportunities for all residents, as well as, to offer diversified programs and activities that provide personal enjoyment, contribute to a sense of self-fulfillment, and enhance the quality of life of its residents.

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